Testimonials & Press

In my fishing career now, I have done a little bit of everything. I’ve written articles on Tarpon fishing, done well in both inshore and offshore tournaments, and recently filmed a show for ESPN 2. However, the part of my career I’m most proud of, are the following testimonials of clients who gave me the opportunity to take them fishing, and the memories I helped to create.

Keep in mind when you hire me for a day of fishing you may not be hiring the best guy for one particular type of fishing. What you do get is one of the most versatile fishing guides in South Florida. If you are flexible and looking to go out catch fish, and have lots of fun. You have found the right guide.

If I had to choose a type of fishing I specialize in, it would have to be Tarpon fishing. Unfortunately mother nature doesn’t always cooperate, or the Tarpon. That’s where being versatile comes in. I do everything from fishing in the bay, deep sea fishing for sailfish, to Bass fishing in the Everglades. If I am unavailable for a particular date. I would happily recommend another guide to accommodate you. It may seem like there are a ton of guides to choose from, but there are only a few that do it for a living. Those are the guy’s you want to be out with.
Tight Lines… Capt. Gavet Tuttle



Customer Testimonials

"Hi Gavet, just wanted to thank you for a great time that my son, Ian and I had fishing with you. He has been telling all of his friends at school about it as well as showing them pictures. You showed my son and I a great time and gave us some very memorable moments. We look forward to looking you up for some more fishing when I get back from Iraq. My daughter also wants to go now. Here are some pictures that you may be able to use on your site. Thanks again, take care and may god bless you and your family."
– David G. Lavelle, Captain, US Army, 101st Airborne Division

"Hey Capt. Gavet! Hope the fishing is going well, we’d love to come back down soon! – Take care,"
– Ben Collier

"We sure enjoyed our trip and meeting you. hope you double up many times."
– Gary

"I publish a fishing website up here in Connecticut and someone who fished with you recommended you. – Thanks, Mitch

"The best guide I’ve ever fished with is Gavet Tuttle – no doubt about it! Not only is he an expert on South Florida fishing, he’s a great coach too. Gavet is a fun guy to be with and gives you only as much help and advice as you want. I fished with Gavet last year and the highlight of the trip was my 28 pound permit (see picture attached). This year, my wife and two boys are coming along and I’m sure Gavet will make it a memorable vacation for us all."
– Jim Farmer, Winnetka, IL

"Kelvyn is still talking about the one that got away, I don’t think he will ever forget it! We will contact you later this year, early 2006 to book another trip." – David & Kelvyn Scorer

“Capt Gavet, this is great news and I will be sure to have my TV on for the show. As you know, I did a show with George in Annapolis, Md and he is a real pleasure to work and fish with. I think that George found a great guide to go fishing and taping a show with. If George had as much fun as Dean and I did fishing with you the finished product will be wonderful, can’t wait for 8 pm tomorrow to get here so I can see it. By the way, Dean and I will be back in the Ft Lauderdale area in November and we will want a couple of days with you – I will be in touch later to schedule. Thanks for the email and I will be glued to the TV tomorrow. All my best,” – Capt Joe Riley, Muff Diver Charters.

"Hey Gavet…Finally got my film developed from my trip in Florida. Here is a nice shot of the tarpon I caught with you as you requested. Rob and I had a great time, and I’ll plan on booking another trip next time I’m in Miami. Thanks again, and tight lines," Jon Krams

"Hey Jon, You made the monthly outdoor magazine. I sent your pic in with an article I wrote. Get me your address and send you a couple copies. Tight lines," Capt. Gavet

"Can’t wait to get the copies and show it off to all my friends. Thanks, and looking forward to my next time in Florida and another trip with you." – Jon

"Gavet, Thanks for the e-mail. The boys and I watched you on espn this morning. Great show, next time down we will try the night tarpon fishing. Also, my boys got a kick out of seeing their pictures on your web site. Good luck fishing. Take care,"

– Kurt, Max, & Brett Fellinger

"Hey, how are you? We made it home, whining all the way about not wanting to leave, but the weather here is decent, so I guess we can’t complain. Saw my Dr. yesterday, I have bronchitis, still not feeling too well, but lots of medications to try… Anyway, I can get the pics developed and put on a CD, so as soon as I get them back, I’ll e-mail you a couple of the better ones. I did get some developed, had about a hundred damn pictures of pelicans…ha…Looks like it’s going to rain down there for a few days….little vacation for you? Ok, I also wanted to thank you for a great trip, your patience was appreciated and you made our trip really memorable. The best to you!!"

– Lisa Williams

:Gavet- Just wanted to send you a note to let you know that we had a great time out on the boat the other day despite the wind. Geoffrey wrote a short essay about his adventures on the trip back to Atlanta and discovered that he had actually caught SIX types of fish (he remembered the baby Snapper). With a young boy I am sure you can appreciate the excitement kids have when they get on your boat. If ever you get up to Atlanta, Geoffrey has extended an offer to take you fly fishing on the Chattahoochee!, Thanks again.” – Tom (and Geoffrey)

“Capt. Gavet, my dad and want to come “back for more” because we had a great time over Thanksgiving. We’d like to come down for a father-son weekend and book two trips with you — a day and a night. We want to do the trip this year and are pretty open as to the month if you have any suggestions for the best time to come. Did you use our picture?” – Steve

"Thanks for a great trip. we would like to do a similar trip towards

the end of August. Also, put us on the list for the week when the sailfish are

biting. In addition we would like to go on an evening trip in the fall or winter. (when you think is best) and fish for tarpon and snook. please keep in contact. we want to do it again."

– Luis

“Thank you for taking Adam and I out last Saturday evening. I appreciate that it was your free time and we both believe that we were lucky to have met you. It is very refreshing to meet someone who genuinely thinks of others, whether its going the extra step to help catch a fish, or going out of your way with the fishing rod. Both Adam and my wife and I appreciate your efforts. Thanks again and we will see you soon." – Peter

“Hey Gavet, its Rick Farmer following up on a promise I made to you when I left earlier this spring. My dad, Bill and I were looking to book a trip with you for the summer. You had told us about the great dolphin, permit, and night snook fishing, and well, we are very intrigued. (Not to mention the world class guide of course) Anyway, we were looking at the possibility of going out Saturday July 2nd and Sunday July 3rd. Now, I’m not a Florida expert like yourself, but I can imagine that it gets pretty hot around that time of year. If memory serves me correct, I think you mentioned going out early in the morning and then possibly late at night for some snook. Please e-mail either me or my dad concerning booking and specifics. Thanks so much and I look forward to hearing from you soon.” – Rick Farmer

“Gavet, Glad you like the pictures. Yes, please keep us posted if they end up in the magazine. We hope to plan a trip to FL again in November/December and will definitely want to go out with you and Steve.” – Sharon Swan

“It was a great trip. Thanks to you and Steve. See you next year.” – Frank Maloney Colorado Springs, Colorado, Pat Maloney Stewartstown, Pennsylvania, Shawn Maloney Royal Oaks, Maryland.

“Hey Gavet…Finally got my film developed from my trip in Florida. Here is a nice shot of the tarpon I caught with you as you requested. Rob and I had a great time, and I’ll plan on booking another trip next time I’m in Miami. Thanks again, and tight lines,” – Jon Krams

“Gavet, I got back and that was a trip of many fist for me. I landed my first tarpon & cobia & shark sucker. Ace liked Steve and feels he as a in with his Lebanese blood. I have sent pictures of Ace and his tarpon and my snook. If you want any more email me.” – Stan

“Thanks for a great time. That was a trip Nick, Kevin and I will remember for the rest of our lives.” – Stan

“Thanks again for the terrific fishing. I had an awesome time. I am already looking forward to making it back for another trip. I hope you enjoy the photos. I going to have prints made, so let me know if you would like to have any, and if so, which ones you’d like.Also, the more I look at the pictures, the more I wonder what the fish actually weighed. Do you think that it may have been more than 120lbs? Keep up the great the great work! Thanks again,” – Rick Luna

“Thanks for a great time. Watching Caleb catch the 50″ Dolphin was fantastic. If I am ever in the area I will look you up for another trip. Again, thanks for a great trip.” –

Mark Sneed

"We were successful in landing one tarpon and then catching a few trout on the flats during the trip. Well, I will be in Fla. again from March 20th thru March 26th and I would like to know if you have any available dates while I’m in town. I’d really like to get on the water and catch another tarpon, it was really something else! Or, if there’s some other type of action going on, I’d be willing to give it a shot." – Rick Luna

My wife and I had a great time, specially with that huge Tarpon. Thanks

for the experience." – Luis and Sylvia Elizondo

"We had a great time during our evening fishing trips this past week,. After fighting the tarpon, I was glad we were able to get it into the boat for a picture. For both of us to catch a “slam” of tarpon, snook and jack, was a great first-time experience. We look forward to future trips on your new boat.” – Paul- ML Kurchock

“I really enjoyed fishing with you last week. I look forward to fishing with you again soon, hopefully with my two boys next time.” – Jim

“Sorry for the late thank you …. wanted let you know Janet and I both had a blast with you on our 1/2 day trip 2 weeks ago … only thing I would’ve changed was a bit more sunshine and less wind (no control over that!) … we immediately felt comfortable with you on the boat (GREAT boat, by the way!) and appreciated the time you took to teach us, take us to various different locations to find different fish, maneuver the boat in that wind so we wouldn’t get soaked or crash into the bridge while we caught the jacks (!), manage to keep fresh shrimp on our hooks at all times, and for being a Red Sox fan!! We enjoyed learning about the area and catching a variety of fish that were new to us … even though we didn’t get a tarpon, just being out there in the ocean trying and to see them rolling was an neat experience for us! A bit “sporty” as you called it … anyway, we were excited to get our trip in before the cold front arrived and the torrential rains started that next day (was a good excuse to spend all of Wednesday at our conference!)

Have attached a few photos from our trip … the mackerel, a jack, the iguana tree (very cool) and Janet’s keeper trout (which she is very proud of!) … and a few others ….feel free to put them on your site,otherwise , just hope you get a kick out of them …. thanks so much again, and we will look you up next time we are in FLA … would love to book another trip with you if you can stand another one with us! Best of luck with the business … you have a good thing going!"

– Jan