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Welcome, My name is Capt. Gavet Tuttle and I’m going to give you all the information you need to have a successful fishing charter in the Miami and Fort Lauderdale area. It’s important to note that I am a life long native to the South Florida area. I started fishing here when I was 5 years old. My older brothers had me sneaking on golf courses, catching 50 plus bass a day in stocked ponds by the time I was six.

Fortunately, I was never taken out by an errand tee shot. But, this is where the passion was ignited at an early age. By the time I was 8, my older brothers had me spending my entire summer at local piers. That is when saltwater fishing was introduced to me. Compared to bass fishing, I was amazed at the strength, size, and variety of saltwater fish. I’ve seen many changes since my childhood, but one thing has not. I’m just as passionate about the sport today, as I was thirty years ago.

If you are seriously committed to finding the right guide, and having a successful fishing charter, please take the time and read through the whole website.

Full Time licensed and insured fishing guide

There are very few guides in South Florida that are full time. I am one of them, this is my only source of income, and this is how I feed my wife and two kids. I take my trips very seriously, and I do absolutely everything I can to make sure that not only do you come back, but you send other family and friends out with me. I can’t tell you how many calls I’ve received from people in a panic because the fishing trip they’ve been planning for three months just got cancelled. When guides have other occupations that really pay their bills, they are much more likely to cancel. If you book a trip with me, we’re going fishing. The only thing I cancel for is lightening, other than that I’m confident I can catch fish in just about any condition mother nature throws at us. If we are targeting a particular fish, and I know conditions are very unfavorable, I always do whatever I can to reschedule during your visit. Again, my goal is that you have a great time and become a return client. I’ve been guiding full time for seven years and almost 75% of my clients have fished with me more than once. Considering most of them don’t live here, it’s really something to be proud of.

Miami Fishing and Fort Lauderdale Fishing

Miami and Fort Lauderdale have some of the best light tackle fishing in the world. For those of you that are unfamiliar with the geographical difference I’ll try to put it in perspective. From Miami’s south beach there is an inlet called Government Cut. 10 miles to the north is Bakers Haulover cut, and 10 miles to the north of that is Port Everglades Fort Lauderdale. I predominantly launch from the Haulover area which is in the middle. From just about anywhere in Fort Lauderdale the furthest you could be is about 30 miles, and the closest you could be is about 7 miles. There are several reasons why I fish out of this area, but I’ll just give a couple. The main reason is “Bait”. Fort Lauderdale is part of Broward county, and Haulover is in Dade county. You are not allowed to use more than a 7 foot net to catch bait in Broward, but you can use up to 14 foot net in Dade. Also live bait is much tougher to find in Fort Lauderdale due to lack of natural habitat. Most everything is man made canal systems, and once you go south towards Haulover the bay opens up. This is where you start to see the first grass flats of Biscayne bay, and the grass is what supports our whole inshore fishery. The grass gives shelter to millions of shrimp and crabs that feed all of our inshore game fish. It also harbors millions of small bait fish like pilchards and herring.

Often times, with one cast of my net we can have over 300 bait fish. Those same bait fish in Fort Lauderdale would cost 25 dollars per dozen. What most boats in Lauderdale do is pass that cost on to you. “Live bait is included on all of my trips” No extra charge at all.

Do we have to fish with live bait? Absolutely not, I have caught just about everything that swims down here on artificial baits and lures. However, usually I have a short period of time to produce respectable results. Typically it’s easier to produce with live bait over artificial, but with the right anglers artificials can be just as effective. Something important to note, I can match my style of fishing to any particular clients skill level. If you’ve been coming to florida for the last 20 years and have caught most of our game fish. I can adjust to your skill level and still make it a challenge for you. If you have never fished, I can teach you in minutes how to have a successful day. If you have a wife or children that may be uncomfortable around a guide, I’m extremely patient and very efficient at teaching anyone willing to listen.

Miami Tarpon Fishing

The picture at the top of the page should help put into words, what I can’t.
It would be difficult to find someone who guides for tarpon more than me. Tarpon are available year round in the Miami, and Fort Lauderdale area. Huge tarpon roam our beaches from January to June. It’s a world class fishery, these tarpon average 90 pounds, it’s very common to catch fish over 100 pounds, and up to 200 on occasion. The best time to target these fish is from an hour before sunset, and into the night. Don’t think because it’s night time that you won’t be able to see the explosive jumps of a monster tarpon. All the lights from the buildings along Miami’s south beach have a way of illuminating the Atlantic for us. These fish are found only steps from the sand, so seasickness is rarely an issue. My boat is big enough to get where the tarpon are on almost any given night. The real beauty of our tarpon fishery is the option of fishing the bay on windy nights. If you prefer casting to tarpon, Biscayne Bay offers tons of opportunities. My boat is still small enough to access all the bridge and dock light spots. I’m one of the only guy’s that can comfortably fish either, or. I spent my first 4 years of guiding exclusively inside spots. The problem with the bay, its very tide sensitive. If you plan ahead I can give you the best tides in advance. The level of difficulty increases drastically in the bay. If you want to sight cast tarpon, Miami, and Fort Lauderdale are a great place to do it. I’ve guided hundreds of people to their first tarpon and a lot fishermen no longer make the trek down to the keys, once they get a taste of our fishery.

Action fishing trips

These type trips are making great half days. We take whatever Mother Nature gives us and make the absolute best of it. Inside the protected waters of north Biscayne Bay you will find a very active fishery. There’s lots of bait in the area and that keeps the predator fish close by. My boat is set up to fish either the bay or the ocean. In the bay we catch lots of sea trout, jack crevalle, snapper, some snook, and the occasional day time tarpon. In almost any condition some part of the bay will be flat as a pancake. This fishing is totally hands on, you cast, you set the hook, and you bring em in. The beauty of the bay is the variety. It’s not uncommon to catch 6 – 14 different species of fish in a half day. The challenge of the bay is finding big fish! When we look for big fish in the bay, usually we’re talking shark fishing. I don’t do a lot of half days for sharks, but if you want to fight some really big fish in shallow protected water. Shark fishing is a great option. Spinner sharks are a common south Florida resident and can really put on quite a show. I prefer full days to target these big beasts. I like to spend a good part of the day catching fresh bait. Once, we have the right bait it’s just a matter waiting for the frenzy to begin.

Tight Lines… Capt. Gavet Tuttle